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domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

Efemerides: 15 de agosto 2010

En un día como hoy:


  1769    Napoleon Bonaparte, French emperor

  1771    Sir Walter Scott, Scottish novelist

  1888    T.E Lawrence, 'Lawrence of Arabia'; soldier & author

  1924    Robert Bolt, British dramatist


  1543    The Jesuit order was founded in Paris

  1901    The Cadillac motor company was founded in Detroit, USA

  1908    Prussian women were given the right to attend university

Otros nacimientos:
  1935    Jim Dale, Actor

  1947    Jenny Hanley, Actress

  1950    Princess Anne, The Queens daughter

 Otros acontecimientos:
  1944    Allied forces landed in the south of France; Marseilles was captured

  1947    India gained its independence from Britain

  1948    Korea proclaimed itself a republic

  1965    The US National Guard was called out to deal with race riots in Los Angeles

  1969    The Woodstock music festival, in New York state, took place

  1975    Mujibur Rahman, the leader of Bangladesh, was assassinated

  1987    The use of the cane in British state schools was banned

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