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domingo, 13 de junio de 2010

Estrellas y galaxias por todas partes! / Galaxies and stars everywhere!

Vecindario amistoso / Friendly neighborhood


Moons and Stars


Estrellas en mis manos! / Stars in my hands!


Saben ellas que son estrellas? / Do They Know They Are Stars?


Estrellas de mar / Sea stars 1


Estrellas de mar / Sea stars 2

Estrellas de mar en Kenia / Seastars in Kenya

Estrellas de mar / Sea stars 3

Galaxy Hoya

Stars...the Poetry of Nature that uplifts the spirit within us

Acampando bajo las estrellas / Camping under the stars

Saguaro cactuses (Carnegiea gigantea) seem to reach toward the stars in an Arizona desert

Our galaxy above a willow tree

Siguiendo el camino a las estrellas / Riding the Redline to the Stars

image of graceful trails traced by the stars as planet Earth rotates on its axis. Made on September

Galaxy from Ontario

Our glorious galaxy Milky Way - from the Kofa Mountains, Arizona

The moon and stars light up Mount Everest, also known as Qomolangma, as seen from near Everest Base

Unusual Dusty Galaxy NGC 7049

The galaxy pair was photographed on October 27-28, 2008. Arp 147 lies in the constellation Cetus

Signals of a Strange Universe - High-Z Supernova Search Team, NASA

Sideways Galaxy (probably a spiral galaxy seen sideways)

The Tadpole Galaxy is a disrupted barred spiral galaxy located 400 million light years from Earth

Image of the stellar tidal stream surrounding the spiral galaxy NGC 5907

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